Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Well, its been a tough week, but I've managed to throw 2 new videos up on youtube! The first was a Ferrari 458 Italia Novitec Rosso. One word to describe this car: Beautiful. The Novitec Rosso has to be the best thing to happen to a Ferrari. Not that a Ferrari needs a tune, but the Rosso is the way to go. The car was loaded, and I mean head to toe, in carbon fiber. Even the rear lights were carbon fiber! It sounded and looked simply amazing!.

Video: Ferrari 458 Novitec Rosso

The second video shows my buddy's unique matte blue Maserati MC Stradale. The car gets alot of attention and you just have to watch the video. The exhaust has 2 unique settings, quiet and sport. Sport gives a very nice gurgle, and it sound beautiful. It makes the hair on your shoulders stand up. Please watch the video and enjoy!

Video: Matte Blue Maserati

Next week I will be doing my first watch review on here so stay tuned! As well as a new video next Monday!